Monday, March 12, 2012

Sample Bullying Letter to Submit to School

Your Address

Your Phone Number


Principal’s Name

Name of Your Child’s School

School Address

Dear Principal:

I am the parent of ____________________________.

My child is being bullied and/or harassed in school (Explain what is happening to your child in

detail, including who was involved, what happened and when and where it happened, how many

times it has happened, any physical injuries and if applicable, who witnessed the incident.)

This bullying and/or harassment is affecting my child in the area of (list whether the harassment

and/or bullying is causing your child’s grades to slip, is causing your child to miss school, is

causing your child to need counseling, etc.).

I want this bullying and/or harassment to end. My proposed solution to this problem is (here are

some examples of solutions you can request from the school: bullying/violence prevention

programs, school therapists, guidance counselors, training of school personnel, etc.)

If your child is a special education student you should request an IEP meeting. If your

child receives a 504 plan or service agreement you should request a 504 plan or service

agreement meeting. If your child has a disability and does not have an IEP or a 504 plan

or service agreement you should request a meeting. (This request for a meeting will enable

you to tell the school what is happening)

I appreciate your assistance in this matter. Kindly respond to the concerns listed above in



Your Name

cc: Superintendent



  1. Perfect !! Also I have learned send off to the School Board as well , They must be aware of this , I just went through 7 Months of HELL !!! with my daughters school and now I am happy to say she returned , however it was the TEACHER DOING THE BULLYING !!! ( We need a form on this )

  2. I am so sorry to hear this. I am glad to hear you were able to get things resolved. We need to advocate and stand up to this mistreatment. I hope you are all doing well now. Thanks for the comment.